The Bespoke


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Premium US acrylic


Classic: 19 x 4 x 11 cm ;
Long size: 21 x 9 x 4 cm
Oversized: 24 x 11 x 4 cm

Pearlescent colours:
White pearl
Black pearl
Champagne pearl
Rose quartz pearl
Baby blue pearl
Red pearl
Grey pearl
Deep purple pearl
Navy blue pearl
Emerald green pearl
Ocean blue pearl

Dusty glitter colours:
24k gold
Champagne gold
Black glitter
Royal blue
Magenta pink
Navy blue

Confetti colours:
Mix gold and silver
Rose gold
Rose gold and black

Rose gold

Design pattern:
The Dusk
The Stardust
The Amavi
The Lucid
The Chevron
The Amore
The Raya
The Diamante

How to customise The Bespoke Clutch:
You have the options of costuming two sides of the clutch with text and combining with existing design that you like. The price is determined by the base colour that you choose. Once you complete your purchase, our customer service will contact you to send you a mock-up of your clutch before production takes place!

Step 1: Choose your base colour (pearlescent, dusty glitter, or confetti)
Step2: Choose the design for Side 1 and Side 2 (text and pattern)
Step3: Colour of text and pattern of Side 1 and Side 2

Please indicate at checkout or via e-mail in the following format:
Side 1 colour base:
Side 1: text / design pattern
Side 2 colour base:
Side 2: text / design pattern

4-5 weeks production

no clasps included
no pouch included


  • Pearlescent base
  • Dusty glitter base
  • Confetti base
  • Pearlescent Oversized
  • Dusty glitter Oversized
  • Confetti Oversized


Image of The Bespoke Image of The Bespoke Image of The Bespoke Image of The Bespoke